Snapperbuzz Exclusive Interview with Lympo’s CMO: LYMPO, Making world healthier through Blockchain


Lympo is making the world healthier by rewarding people for exercising and leading healthier lives. With the help of blockchain technology and fitness gamification, people are rewarded with LYM crypto tokens through the Lympo app, just for completing simple walking and running challenges. These tokens have real value and can be used to purchase quality sporting goods by top global brands in Lympo Shop – the first-ever online shop to accept fitness token payments.

Gintautas Nekrošius is a T-shaped marketer with considerable experience in growth hacking. Before Lympo, he was a leading manager of performance marketing & social media. During the last year, he has successfully proven his global expansion capabilities by achieving a 10x lower than average CAC for Lympo in the US market, leading PR campaigns with CNN, Forbes, and other major news industry leaders.

Recently, we interviewed Gintatus and talked to him about how he thinks Lympo is shaping up and what is his vision for Lympo. Here is an extract:

  • Would you like to give any interesting background on Lympo? Was this started as the result of seeking a solution for a void in the market?

Lympo is solving a data privacy problem. It is really relevant now, as there is a huge interest in data privacy, for example, GDPR and Article 13.  People are not in control of their data, they give away their data to different apps and platforms for free and therefore cannot monetize it.  We are creating a healthy ecosystem where users are in charge of their fitness data and companies will be able to access their data directly from the users.

  • We know that there are many blockchain-based platforms which are still evolving and developing new use cases. Where is your team right now in this process and what are the most popular use cases to date?

During the ICO we released a token on Ethereum platform. Currently, all in-app transaction are centralized, but we have created a private ledger which will allow us to easily go on public net in the future. At this stage we are not going on a public net because of these main reasons:

  1. Too much technical resource & it will block us from growth
  2. Transaction fees & scalability problems

Future steps include: facilitating blockchain for digital identity and health data storage.

  • What role do the LYM tokens play in the ecosystem? Where can our readers purchase the tokens?

Our users can buy different sports gear, gift cards, electronics and discounts on our app, as well as sports gear on our Lympo Shop. Readers can purchase tokens on Bitfinex, Ethfinex, Huobi,, KuCoin, GOPAX and CoinZest cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • How much does community feedback affect product decisions? Any examples of this?

Community is one of the most important decision-makersn our product development. We are constantly doing user interviews, A/B testing, monitoring user feedback on app stores, doing polls in our private Facebook group and constantly looking opportunities to make our product better for our users. One of the previous examples is, previously we released MVP feature, that users can use their steps from Google Fit and iHealth to complete challenges inside our app. It took all of the steps which you accumulated during the day to complete one challenge. From the data, we saw, that this feature is really liked by the users and a lot of users use it. To improve this feature we organized user interviews to find out what is the biggest frustration using it. As a result, we improved the accuracy of this feature and introduced the ability to use your steps for several different challenges.

It is only one example of community involvement in product decisions, but most of our decision is based on user feedback, whether it is introducing a new feature, optimizing current ones or even removing some of the features.

  • Anything new or any future plans you would like to share?

Not so long ago, we have hit 50K Monthly Active Users, that is a huge milestone as only 7% of mHealth apps have it. As of today we already have 90k MAU.We will announce some big things in the near future, but cannot disclose it now.

Snapperbuzz wishes Lympo all the very best for their future endeavours!


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