Malaysian Ministry of Education to Use Blockchain to Fight Counterfeit Certificates


At a Sept. 19 As reported by Malaysian news agency Bernama, the Ministry of Education in Malaysia declared the formerly introduced E-Skrol blockchain program, making it feasible to confirm the validity of Malaysian Certificates using Blockchain which will now be accessible for many private and public universities in the nation.

The E-Skrol program intends to handle the rising cases of imitation educational levels in Malaysia, which may be accessed online from so-called diploma mills.

“There are individuals who move to the standing of Malaysian public colleges to better their profiles by demonstrating fake certificates. I feel the blockchain program can alter this circumstance.’

The education minister added that today anybody, anywhere in the world can confirm the information of almost any graduate of a Malaysian college, such as their title, complete transcript, graduation date and class of diploma through the program and scanning the QR code, that can be published on the certifications.

Malaysia aims to bring blockchain professionals

MDEC expansion ecosystem growth vice-president Norhizam Abdul Kadir said,”We’ll be kicking off it beginning with blockchain projects. The amount of visas to be issued is dependent upon the jobs which are going to be conducted by blockchain businesses in Malaysia.”


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