Hong Kong

Company Establishment Background

Finlink Partners  International is Hong Kong’s leading blockchain ecological technology investment and financing consulting company. The technical and consulting team covers the Asia-Pacific region including: Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, India and Mainland China. Professional exposure to blockchain projects includes (but is not limited to) real estate, film and television entertainment, biomedical technology and finance. Fenchuang International also cooperates with various traditional investment institutions, family offices and institutional investors, and is committed to promoting the transformation of the traditional financial economy into a new digital economy and digital finance. FinLink Partners International’s technology platform also combines the world’s massive blockchain media information, artificial intelligence, big data digital finance, and real-time releases and updates of various digital currencies and currency prices from global exchanges to provide artificial intelligence investment. direction, allowing investors to grasp market trends faster!

Company Vision

Technology Transfer, Technology Advisory, Business Advisory for all kinds of innovative companies and entrepreneurs.


Company Mission

Promote the development of technology and innovation, and get the most extensive use of the latest technology applications.